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Alexandra Santos

Alexandra Santos

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Hi! My name is Alexandra and I’m a caring person who is very attached to her family and pets. I stand firm by my moral values and they are the pillars that support the way I help people and their dogs: empathy, compassion, authenticity, and a genuine desire to teach you to transform your dog’s life and your own. Dancing and going for long walks are my hobbies.

Animal behavior

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I am passionate about and specialize in anxiety problems, fears, and phobias. All classes are online, via Zoom. Obedience training is also something I love. Classes are in-person, in Corroios (Seixal).

Anxiety, fears and phobias programs.
Obedience training
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Conocí a Alexandra Santos a través de sus conferencias internacionales. A partir de ahí busqué más información y vi que Alexandra Santos es una excelente entrenadora canina portuguesa, autora de interesantísimos libros de educación canina que se han traducido a varios idiomas, además de ser una estupenda ponente. He organizado con Alexandra varios webinarios para hispanoparlantes y siempre ha demostrado una gran profesionalidad y conocimiento profundo de la materia a tratar. Sus conferencias siempre tienen una rigurosa base científica que Alexandra combina con una gran capacidad de comunicación. Siempre se aprende mucho de cómo maneja ella las situaciones difíciles para los perros, siempre está pensando en el bienestar y en ayudar de la forma más humanitaria posible. Alexandra hace posible una mezcla no siempre fácil de conseguir: enseñar partiendo de rigurosos conocimientos científicos, estructurar unas ponencias de manera que sean interesantes y siempre aportando el punto de vista del bienestar del animal. Es un verdadero placer poder trabajar con Alexandra y conocerla personalmente ya que es una excelente entrenadora y una bellísima persona y eso se transmite en su trato con los animales y en sus conferencias y libros.

Núria Frances (Edogtorial)

Our two pet dogs (Portuguese Water Dogs) died at a very old age. Knowing how heart-broken we were, a friend of mine rescued a Portuguese Water Dog mix and brought her home to us. She had been living in a chicken coop and was in terrible shape. She was about 4 years old, had a bad abscess in her jaw, her coat was filthy with urine and feces, and she had a small lesion in her liver. Despite everything, the physical part was the easiest to fix. She was very sweet at home, but violently reactive outdoors. Everything was a trigger to her: a bicycle, a baby’s pram, the supermarket’s automatic doors. She hadn’t been socialized at all and everything terrified her. I began walking her at odd times, when everything was quiet. But this wasn’t sustainable. So I looked for a positive reinforcement-based trainer and, fortunately, found Alexandra. In just a few sessions where we were taught what to do, Maré stopped reacting aggressively and went on to live a quality-filled life with us. She lived another 9 years and passed away from liver failure. She turned out to be one of our best dogs!

Madalena Sampaio

I’ve known Alexandra for some years and have become dependent! Our dog Miró was territorial and a roamer and Alexandra taught us how to solve those issues. Dunna was hyper sensitive to sights and sounds outdoors (cars, buses, motorbikes, doors slamming shut, people running by…) and responded with fear. Just going out the front door was a challenge for her. After working with Alexandra we are now able to go for long walks. Not claiming to be a dog whisperer, but displaying great professionalism, Alexandra always finds the right approach for each dog. Congratulations!

Anabela Ferrão

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