Alexandra Santos

About us

Hi! My name is Alexandra and I’m a caring person who is very attached to her family and pets. I stand firm by my moral values and they are the pillars that support the way I help people and their dogs: empathy, compassion, authenticity, and a genuine desire to teach you to transform your dog’s life and your own. Dancing and going for long walks are my hobbies.      

As for work, I’m a professional canine behavior consultant and positive reinforcement-based trainer, with formal education through The Animal Care College in the U.K. where I graduated with honors for the Diploma of Advanced Canine Psychology, and through The Companion Animal Sciences Institute where I graduated with distinction for the Diploma of Advanced Dog Training.

I don't use punishments, as a dog doesn't need them to learn!

I’m the author of the books “Puppy Problems”, “Puppy Training: How to housetrain your puppy effectively”, “How to leash train your dog and enjoy walking him”, available on Amazon, “O meu cão e eu”, “Cão educado, dono feliz” (published in Portugal), and have also authored and co-authored several scientific articles for the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and the International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior.

I live and work in Portugal, as a guest professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias and provide online coaching, internationally, for dogs and their people. I have also been a presenter at several seminars in Portugal and Brazil on dog behavior and positive reinforcement-based training and regularly present webinars for the Pet Professional Guild in the USA and Edogtorial in Spain.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I have 5 years of formal education in animal behavior and dog training, over 19 years’ experience as a full-time behavior consultant and trainer, a high success rate, and a passion and genuine commitment to helping dog owners and their pets turn their behavior problems into a thing of the past 😊

To support them in the dog training or behavior modification process, not criticize or judge them for past mistakes, encourage them to focus on the solution instead of putting their energy and time on the problem, help them have realistic expectations and set achievable goals, and value teamwork. Our ideal client is someone who will follow our suggestions, commit to working with their dog every day, and agree to stick to our force-free methods.

We ensure to meet our clients’ needs and priorities, because what’s important to some people may be unnecessary to others. In that sense, we may advise you when we feel you will benefit from it, but ultimately you are the one who decides what you wish to teach your dog. Our job is to serve you to the best of our ability.

Yes, that’s essential. Dogs need repetition to learn and the repetitions done in a 1 hour-long class once a week aren’t enough. You need to learn the exercises so you can train your dog a bit every day in between classes.

Although you can certainly book classes as you need them, we advise you to do them regularly so the training is progressive and we can also correct mistakes you may be making and clarify doubts that arise. Classes should be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis, ideally. However, certain behavior problems require longer intervals in between classes, because we can’t attribute a temporal limit to changing a dog’s emotional state. That need is assessed as we move along in the behavior modification program.

Positive reinforcement-based techniques only, because a dog doesn’t need to be punished, shouted at or threatened to learn. Besides your dog’s physical integrity and emotional wellbeing being one of our priorities, we also value your emotional wellbeing and therefore, never use techniques that may make you uncomfortable. All the techniques we use are based on science but force-free and compassionate.

It would be unethical to guarantee results, because behavior isn’t an exact science. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for anyone’s non-compliance or incorrect use of the training techniques. What we do guarantee is our knowledge and expertise, and dedication to helping you achieve your goals with your dog.

No, because we reserve space in our calendar for every client we work with. But if you decide, for any reason, not to complete the classes, you may offer them to someone else and we will be just as happy to help them 😊

If a class is cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice it will be considered as done. Should you need to reschedule, we will still need at least 2 hours’ notice. Packs of classes are non-refundable, but you can certainly offer them to another person and their dog. We will be happy to work with them 😊